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Hello, if you've been suffering from pain such as back pain, neck pain, joint pain, muscular dysfunction and/or injuries and you haven't gotten the results you've wanted, I may have just what you are looking for. I specialize in Orthotherapy which is designed to treat the muscles and skeletal system using various "hands on" Manual Therapy and mobilization (not manipulation) techniques as well as home stretching and strengthening exercises. This assists in maintaining functional alignment of the skeletal system. Techniques used include structural integration, rehabilitative exercise, visceral manipulation, myoskeletal, fascial stretching and other means of soft tissue therapies. These avenues of treatment loosely fall under the field of bio-mechanics and don't just work on muscles, bones, and joints, but also and more importantly your connective tissue, which can lead to pain and postural distortions in your body. 

Massage is very beneficial at releasing tight muscles that lead to compensation patterns but you can’t fully address every issue without incorporating exercise and stretching into your session. Unlike other massage centers, I combine massage therapy with assisted stretching, and corrective exercise for proper body balancing to target specific issues, such as back and neck pain, arthritis pain, sciatica pain, carpal tunnel pain, or just general fitness and relaxation. My bodywork sessions consist of bio-mechanical applications of Orthotherapy which is a combination of orthopedic massage and corrective exercise used to align the body and free up stuck areas. 


An orthotherapist works with the soft tissue in a person in order to align the body and free up stuck areas using therapeutic bodywork and corrective exercise techniques. Distortions, congestion, & disorganization in the soft tissue can result in many types of pain and symptoms.

Common conditions we treat : 

• Achilles Tendonitis

• Plantar fasciitis

• Back pain

• Neck pain

• Joint pain

• Lateral Epicondylitis

• Migraines

• Disc herniation

• Sciatica

• Carpel tunnel

• Pelvic tilt

• Chronic back pain

• Knee problems

• Rotator cuff injuries

• Pregnancy

• Poor posture

• Shoulder pain

• Hip pain

• Nerve impingements

• Muscle imbalances

• Arthritis

• Sports & Occupational RSI